Tammy Demean family practice in Lewiston. Very kind and listens to you. Lovely staff and they even have an office pet!!
S. Sheets – July 2021

Dr. Demean is very caring and understanding. She spends quality time with her patients and has more compassion than most. The whole staff are amazing and kind. Last but not least, Daisy,the awesome dog. I love being greeted by her and getting love from her.
K Dudley – (Google Reviews)

My elderly mother & myself have been seeing Tammy since before she moved her practice to Lewiston Idaho. Yes we loved her care so much we were willing to travel clear to Dayton at that time. & I can say this… my mother and myself are no spring chickens , we have seen many Dr’s in our lives but no one as good as Tammy, my mom had a stroke in 2009 and not one Dr helped my mom come as far as Tammy has. My mom is a different person since seeing Tammy and for the better as well as myself , I suffer from extreme anxiety, depression, back problems , OCD . And again I can honestly say not one Dr. Has been able to help me like Tammy has. My mom & myself thank the lord often for sending Tammy into our life. We are blessed to have her.
M Goods – (Google Reviews)

Excellent care. Tammy really takes the time to listen to what you have to say. She is really informative and very caring. Her staff is equally exceptional. Highly recommended!
J Bostick – (Google Reviews)

Tammy is great! She is so caring and thoughtful, wouldn’t trade her for anyone else:)
S. Westbrock – (Google Reviews)

I have never had a physician who truly listens to what I have to say and honestly cares about my well being before. She works really hard to get to the core of your complaints. Tammy is a breath of fresh air! Switching providers was one of the best things I have ever done. I highly recommend her!
J Bostick – May 2021

Tammy takes the time to listen. She isn’t in this business for the numbers. She is a provider that is all about patient care. I hear daily how people love the fact that she listens. It may seem biased of me to review my boss, but I wouldn’t work for someone that doesn’t truly care about their patients. If you are looking for a new provider please give us a call! Plus she has a really cute dog that is always at the clinic with us.
C Bisbee – May 2021

The entire staff is amazing, I love coming in and visiting with everyone. Tammy is an AMAZING provider, highly recommend her!
T Baldwin – May 2022

Tammy and her staff are incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a provider that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!
J Clear – May 2021

Tammy Demean is the best!!! I feel like I can discuss anything with her. Do not be put off by her not being a doctor. I’d take her over any MD or DO that I have ever seen.
P Evans – July 2022

Demean Family Medicine will provide top notch care. Can’t beat it.
A Kohl – July 2022

I agree with Tammy Demean. She is an ARNP, but shes amazing. She listens to you and wants to make your treatment based on you as a person, not just a patient to push through. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with her.
N Hollace – July 2022

Tammy Demean is amazing not a Dr but she’s amazing just as her staff is amazing.
S Baker – July 2022

Tammy Demean I have heard great things about you! Keep up the good work!
K Mckinley – June 2022

Tammy Demean is awesome! And, her fur kid Daisy is really special too!
T Krauss – March 2022

I also recommend Tammy Demean! very understanding, personable and doesn’t push any agendas.
S Miller – March 2022

Tammy Demean is awesome. Took me 50 years but I finally found a great one!
P Evans – March 2022

Tammy Demean She is the best!!!
A Rosch – March 2022

Tammy Demean is the best
L Chambers – March 2022

I would highly recommend Tammy Demean! Very informative and willing to listen and help you
K Williams – February 2022

There is no one better than Tammy Demean at Demean Medical Clinic. She listens to you and medical decisions are made by both of you. She is so easy to talk to. I’m sure she can help you
P Evans – February 2022

Demean Family Medicine is phenomenal! Tammy spends plenty of time with her patients and truly wants the best for them!! If you have an urgent care need, they do everything they can to fit you in
A Kohl – December 2021

Demean family medicine. Tammy she is wonderful
M Rae- January 2022

Tammy is so wonderful and she listens! She is very kind and caring and I highly highly recommend her
B Crocker – January 2022

Demean Family Medicine!!! Tammy Demean is INCREDIBLE
C Frary – October 2021

Demean Family Medicine hands down the best in the valley!!! she listens and really cares about her patience. She’s very easy to talk to also, no white lab coat. LOL!
A Bridges – August 2021

Definitely Tammy she spends time listening to you it’s amazing for my family she’s helped us a lot
K Belz – February 2022

Tammy with Demean Family Medicine is amazing! Takes the time you need to talk and you can get in quickly. Also does walk-ins and most days she can do same day appointments!
C Bisbee – May 2021

Go with Demean Family Medicine. You won’t be steered wrong.
A Branting – May 2021

Give Tammy Demean a call at Demean Family Medicine. She is awesome!!!!
S Marek – May 2021

I just switched to Demean family medicine and I love their entire office!
M Anne – April 2022

My wife fired her last nurse practitioner and went with Demean family med. What a positive change !!!!!!!
B Schultz – April 2022

We did the same thing & she is amazing, Demean… she is amazing
B Connerly – April 2022

Demean family medicine Tammy Demean and her team are amazing
K Shorb – April 2022

Tammy Demean is wonderful!
P Evans – April 2022

Tammy Demean is the BEST!
J Clear – April 2022

I recommend Tammy
K Sellner – April 2022

Demean Family Medicine with Tammy Demean she’s fantastic!
A Bridges – July 2021

Tammy demean – I just started going to her and she is amazing. She takes her time with you and really listens. And she has the cutest puppy in her office
L Auker – July 2021

Tammy Demean my daughter loves her
T Av – July 2021

I also recommend Tammy Demean
L Re – June 2021

Tammy Demean she listens to you and your needs
K Brown – June 2021

Tammy demean is amazing!
J Re – June 2021

Tammy Demean is the best
K Glass – July 2021

This is a positive review for Tammy Demean at Demean Family medicine. For years I have been suffering from a debilitating condition causing chronic pain. I have been to doctor after doctor and I always felt like nobody cared. But Tammy is so much different. She is so kind and really listens to me. She has been working so hard to find the cause of my pain. From day one she jumped in head first helping me and within weeks had me set up with all of the help that I needed to find a diagnosis. For the first time in my entire life I finally feel like someone cares and I am confident with her care we will find the cause. I have hope again! Thank you Tammy for everything you do and have done for me! If you are looking for great healthcare I HIGHLY recommend Demean family medicine!!!
J Bostick – May 2021

Definitely Tammy Demean Demean Family Medicine!
A Fitz – June 2022

Demean Family Medicine!!! Tammy is incredible and will listen and do all she can to help! Pretty sure she saved my life!!
C Frary – May 2022

Tammy Demean is amazing
L Chambers – June 2021

We love Tammy Demean at Demean Family Medicine!!!!
A Fitz – August 2021


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